lunes, 24 de abril de 2006

The American Conservatives Blog Roll

First things first: Get the CODE..

After the code is set in your side bar, please email me with your information...

I will need the following:

1. The Name of Your Site
2. The URL of your site3. A brief description of your site

4. YES, we DO check all the sites
Please Note: Sites MUST be Conservative in nature, sites do NOT have to be political only, we gladly accept general interest, family and military blogs as well...
We do NOT accept Liberal, pro abortion or anti-American sites, we do not accept "far right" sites or anti-Christian sites...

And for those that haven't caught on to this, CONSERVATIVE can encompass ALL political parties, Dem, Repubs and Independent...

This is the code you will need to cut and
paste into your blog template so the
Blog Roll will show in your sidebar.

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domingo, 23 de abril de 2006

The Texas Connection

And while you're here, please visit our "Sister" site, The Texas Connection, we'd appreciate you joining...

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Click on the TEXAS STAR

Ace in the Hole - The Forum

The All American Ace Holes

Come join us at Ace in the Hole - Home , you can be a member in good standing with the biggest bunch of Ace Holes on the 'net...

Children of the Confederacy

If you are a Child of the South, join us and show your PRIDE in your Southern Heritage...

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Children of the Confederacy